“SECO SLATE” ROOF– Slate roofs are sure to cause some attention. It’s hard not to notice something that is timeless, durable and extremely beautiful. The most common type (and most trendy) we install, in the Phoenix Area, aren’t actually made of natural slate at all.  The look is the same, and there are many options to choose from. Since these tiles are not a whole,natural material (meaning straight from the earth and cut to size), they can be manufactured for a variety of sizes, textures, patterns, thickness and color blends.


So what are they made of?

Concrete. The concrete tiles are designed to look and perform like slate, but for a fraction of the cost (and a fraction of the weight load carried by your existing structure). While there are many other choices in faux slate materials that look nice from a distance, we choose concrete tiles because of the durability they offer.  To understand this further, we need to go over the pro’s and con’s of both, so you can see why A LOT of Homeowners are choosing concrete over natural slate.



Pros: Watertight, Fireproof, Dense, Weather-Proof. Natural slate is environmentally friendly since it doesn’t emit harmful fumes and is also recyclable. Many manufacturers claim this roofing material reduces electric bill by allowing the roof to “breathe” and air to flow as it should. Natural product. High end product to match high end design. Though only guaranteed for ___ years, they have been proven to last up to 150 years.


Cons: Heavy, Expensive, and limiting. Slate tiles can vary in strength, so a branch falling on the roof, could break a tile or two. Not all tiles are made alike so matching or replacing a broken tile can sometimes be a challenge, and costly.  Because of the weight, if not properly installed by an experienced professional, the dependability of this installation can vary and cause problems down the road. If choosing a slate roof, you will need to be sure the company installing this has a lot of experience and understands the weight load your roof can handle.


Concrete Tiles

Pros: Cost much less, and also weighs less than Slate Tiles. When properly installed by an experienced roofing contractor; concrete tiles are Waterproof, Weatherproof, Fireproof, and come in colors that reflect light to keep energy costs down. They can also be made to look like many different materials such as shaker and wood. Consistent in size, color and thickness, easy to replace broken tiles. A way to get the look you want, for a price that’s affordable AND that performs for decades like natural Slate.


Cons: Weight load is still heavy, so a weigh load assessment must be done to determine if your roof may need more support to hold this type of roof. If not installed by experience roofing contractor, these heavy tiles can break free and fall over time.


The best part about A SECO Slate roof, is that you can rest knowing it’s not just the roof that is protecting your investment, it’s supported by our transferable*, lifetime guarantee.

Call us today to book an assessment so we can come take a look at the type of roof you currently have and further discuss some options with you. Our estimates are complimentary, and a full report is included with every inspection.