1. Small Leak or BIG Deal?

    While we may be notified of weather conditions, we can't always predict when we are going to be burdened with a leak in your roof. For most homeowners, the condition of their roof system is unknown and often not a priority... until there is a problem. That "Rainy Day Fund" wasn't exactly started wi…Read More

  2. Slate Roofs: Are They A New Trend?

    As with any type of finished roofing application, the purpose of the material is to protect your investment (and the things inside). The choice is yours, but we thought we’d cover a few facts about slate roofs since they are popping up everywhere. Why are more homeowners choosing a “slate roof…Read More

  3. Pro’s and Con’s of SLATE “TYPE” ROOF Systems

     “SECO SLATE” ROOF- Slate roofs are sure to cause some attention. It’s hard not to notice something that is timeless, durable and extremely beautiful. The most common type (and most trendy) we install, in the Phoenix Area, aren’t actually made of natural slate at all.  The look is the same…Read More

  4. Telltale Signs You Need Roof Repair

    The roof of your Arizona home is your first line of defense against the elements, and it takes much more of a beating than your home’s walls, windows, and doors. Stifling heat, dust storms, and other severe weather happen to us year round here in Arizona. Even when it’s sunny and beautiful like …Read More

  5. Welcome to SECO

    We Take Pride In Making A Difference We enjoy providing ultimate value and service to both our commercial and residential customers. Please join our mailing list to receive  email only offers and stay up to date with how to best care for your roof and protect your investment. Sign Up Here…Read More